Prayer Resources


I Peter 5:6, 7

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

To All Prayer Partners of Classis Grandville 


Our churches, pastors, worship leaders, staff:

  • Praise God for this beautiful time of year! 
  • Pray for rest, re-creation, restoration of our souls
  • Pray for our churches in transition and in some stage of discerning God’s will for a pastor – Friendship CRC, Dorr CRC, 1st Byron CRC, and Calvary CRC. 

Classis Grandville:

Upcoming Dates:

August 15 – Classical Examination of candidates Josiah Huisman and Phil Kim for the office of Minister of the Word will take place at Heritage CRC. Pray that these new pastors present themselves well as they desire to serve God and the church. God bless all who are involved in this special meeting. 

September 19, 2024 – Classis Grandville Meeting at the facilities of World Renew, 8970 Byron Commerce Dr. SW, Byron Center

Post CRC Synod 2024 news:

A summary of the decisions made at Synod 2024 can be found on The Banner website – – and will also be in the next print copy of The Banner. 

Pray for the CRC and all who are affected by the decisions made this year:

  • For those who find themselves as churches, councils, or individuals placed under suspension or discipline.
  • For the office of General Secretary (Zachary King) that has been tasked with clarifying the decisions made and how they will be carried out.
  • For the 49 Classes of the CRCNA who must now discern how to move forward in effective ministry to their regions.
  • For the CRC agencies who are struggling financially.
  • For the CRC staff in Grand Rapids who have moved into a temporary facility while their new Ministry Center is being remodeled for them.

God, we pray for a humble spirit and open heart as we cast our cares on you. 

Jesus, we trust that as we take up our cross daily and follow you, you will give us strength for the journey you have called us to. 

Holy Spirit, come fill our hearts and minds and replace our anxieties and fears with your peace and shalom. Build your church, Lord, come quickly. Amen.